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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th.

Today was a great day. Im a bit exhausted so Im just going to do a bullet blog today. Tomorrow, I will expand more on today’s events.

- Woke up at 6am. Did two loads of laundry.
- Spoke with my husband this am. Made me very happy
- My waterlogged phone turned on and I can text perfectly with it. Calling, not so much but definitely can text
- They found my birth certificate and it is enroot to me. I can now apply for a passport.
- Turned down the receptionist job third interview=work for free for eight hours. After the cons overpowered the pros.
- Met an online friend who recently moved to Colorado and her two adorable children and dog.
- Interviewed for a nanny position. Got the job. I start on Sunday night. Three boys and a golden retriever.
- Went to a friend’s house who is out of town to check on things. Found that the fridge has stopped working. Cleaned that out for her so she wouldn’t have to come back to a smelly house.
- Planned out my meals for the next two weeks. Made a shopping list.
- Took myself out to Chinese. Managed to not spill the leftovers on my way out!
- Went to Walmart on payday (what was I thinking?!) and got groceries. This time I remembered my reusable bags! Woohoo
Overall it has been an absolutely productive day. I am very excited about my new job. The boys are really sweet although the parents warned me that they are a handful. One has aspergers. It seems like I have been meeting and working with a lot of children with special needs lately. I have a heart for it and the patience. The family is dual military so my hours are from 5am to 830 am and 330pm to 6pm every day. To some people this meet seem extreme especially in the morning but I am excited about it. It is perfect for me. I can still work my other job at the insurance company one day a week, write my articles for the newspaper, run all my errands and work out at the gym everyday while the boys are in school. The family has also asked that I watch the boys when school is out for whatever reason for extra hourly pay on top of my salary. I said sure after all I am saving up for R&R with my husband. The boys are 5, 7 and 10. Very energetic. Ive already thought of a plan on how to keep them busy so they stay out of trouble. Im looking forward to the challenge.
I am still having a bit of an issue with hubby being deployed. I always feel like I am spinning out of control when hes gone. He had me do a couple tasks today. I had to come up with a food plan to follow for the next two weeks with specific daily meals. I did this, emailed it to him, got it approved and went shopping for the ingredients. I also had to come up with a daily schedule which I also emailed to him. I don’t think hes had a chance to open it yet. It includes my new work schedule, gym schedule etc. He was not happy with yesterday so he gave me a bedtime for the next two weeks. Which I cant say I didn’t earn. I am really hoping this new job centers me some.


Elysia said...

Jessica, congratulations on getting what sounds like a great job. I have 3 boys, they are a little older, but I'd be happy to help in any way that you need.
I love how you are staying connected to your husband in this way, and choosing to submit to him by long distance is a great way to do that, IMO. I'm sorry that you're a part, but it is only a physical separation.
I'm glad I found your blog.

Spanked Army Wife said...

Thank you :) I would love to ask you questions eventually. Oh man the boys are exhausting!

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