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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anything that can possibly go wrong, does. – Murphy Every had one of those days?
Today was governed, ruled and dominated by Mr. Murphy himself. When my husband was at school they had a statue named “Murphy” that they left “sacrifices” for. I wish there was one here. Especially after today. I am for the first time, a little tiny bit glad my husband is not here to ask me how my day was. I am afraid I would burst into tears, yell or tell him to go away, lol. It has been THAT bad.
Everything I am about to say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
I spoke with my husband online last night for a few minutes at about ten pm my time. It was a very short ten minute conversation. At that point I was supposed to go to bed. Well I went to bed. That lasted all of fifteen minutes. I couldn’t sleep at all. I got back up and played around online for awhile hitting the bed about 130 in the morning.
I got up at seven thirty to get ready for work. I forget to sign into yahoo and I miss my husband getting on yahoo messenger by about two minutes. After my shower I get dressed for work. I go downstairs and get a mug of coffee, go up the stairs and spill it all over the khakis I just put on. Frustrated, I change clothes.
After letting the dogs inside I do get to speak with my husband via yahoo messenger for a couple of minutes. As my dogs wrestle around in the kitchen they knock over their water bowel getting water everywhere. I throw my hands up in frustration and say out loud “I just need to get in the car and go.” The key word there is car. My female, now covered in water, runs and jumps on me getting wet, dirty paw prints all over both my black pants and my white shirt. Up the stairs I go to change clothes, again.
Finally I am on my way to work but running late I am speeding a little bit. I don’t realize that school just started and that I am going 40 in a school zone until I see the lights flashing behind my car. You’ve got to be kidding me!! The police officer was nice enough to just give me a warning since no children were present and it was only the first week of school.
After work I come home and change again to go to a job interview that I had been really excited about. I check our bills and try to figure out why my car/renters/life insurance payment is super high this month. I get frustrated when I realize the money I paid to lower my monthly payments to a manageable amount just got applied to the total and they just took a month off it. I didn’t want a month taken off, I wanted the monthly payments lowered. URGH! I didn’t have time to deal with it because I needed to go to my interview.
When I enter the address into my gps I realize that it is not on South Academy but on North Academy… it is over 22 miles down the interstate from my house a good thirty five minutes away. I had allotted enough time to get there, park, and find the place plus be ten or fifteen minutes early when I thought it was closer to my house. Worried about being late, I hit the interstate running.
Then what had been a beautiful, sunny day suddenly turns into a downpour. The rain is slowing traffic and Im getting really impatient. I finally make it to the company, get out of the car and shut the door- locking my keys in the car. Seriously?! Luckily my front window was down a little way so I reach in and unlock the car door making my alarm system start shrieking. Startled, I drop my cell phone… right into a huge puddle. I reach down to pick it up and slam my head right into the side view mirror. You’ve got to be kidding me. I open the car, turn off the alarm, take the battery out of my phone and leave it in there to drive.
Then I go to go into the interview and realize that I don’t know what suite it is in. The suite number is in my phone. Great. It’s a previous apartment complex made up of four tenants per building. Each one has an outside entrance there is sixteen all together. I start at one end and go to each one. The LAST one was where my interview was.
I got there ten minutes late. I explained what happened. The beginning of the interview the guy tells me that he had 35 applicants. He narrowed it down to 12 for in person interviews. After that he will narrow it down to seven. He then wants the seven to come in and work an entire full day- for free- to see how they fit in. Oh, and did he mention that it is also a sales job, and by the way they are a Mormon based business and shows me this ridiculously long moral clause I would have to sign in order to work that which says I will divulge my person passwords to all social networking sites that I have for their inspection… and he gives me a free book of Mormon out of a box as I walk out- just a thank you for the interview. He will contact me if they are interested in me coming to work for a full day next week.
As I head out of the parking lot I realize I am completely out of gas. Completely. My gas light is on and I barely made it to the gas station. My car was definitely not happy with me. The drive home was long and tedious. It was rush hour and there was an accident when a car hydroplaned out of control. Seriously- and I said all of this is the complete truth- I about gave up when I looked over and this balding old fat dude with a mullet (bald spot on the top, mullet on the back, I am sooo not making this up) winks at me. After a few minutes of sitting next to him in traffic that is not going anywhere and trying very hard not to look over, I give in and look as he reaches into the back seat, grabs a six pack of bud light cans, rips one of the ring and opens it and drains it. I cant make this kind of crap up… and I cant even call the cops because well I dropped my phone in a puddle.
Did I mention I started my period today too? LOL. True story. TMI but I don’t care. After a day like today…
Im exhausted. I think Ive averaged between three and five hours of sleep a night. I managed to make and eat dinner without burning down the house. Id really like to take a bubble bath tonight but Im relatively sure I will trip into the bathroom, hit my head on the facet, fall face first unconscious into the bathtub and drown.


Elysia said...

Jessica, I've had bad days, but not this bad! Good grief! I did read ahead, and I think that it was a *sign* that you not take the job. Right?

Spanked Army Wife said...

I think a good sign :)

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