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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Everything is a mess right now. Everything. But I quit one of my jobs so I will have more time to blog. Boy I need to blog. I hope to write some later this weekend because sometimes it helps me prioritize and really rethink my life. Right now, I need to. Its spinning and spiraling and I dont like it at all.


SugarAnne said...

I'm so glad that you've resurfaced. I've been thinking about you and was hoping that you weren't emersing yourself in so much work that you had no time to just relax and enjoy life. Maybe you'll have your Tuesday nights free? Please let me know if I can help with anything.

Rich Person said...

Sometimes life interferes with life. That's a great time to cut back! Hope to see more blogging here soon.

Anonymous said...

Sending positive thoughts your way. Today might be raining, but tomorrow the sun might shine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
My husband and I are new to the DD relationship. It seems that you and your husband have been at it for a while. Do you mind giving some advice? What can I do as a submissive wife to help my husband embrace the DD/alpha role more and enjoy it? I enjoy daily spankings very much and would like for him to enjoy it- to me it is a reminder that he is HOH and that he loves me.


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