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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long Distance DD?

Anyone have any suggestions for long distance discipline?

Going to make a list below. Anything with an * denotes a comment or an email that has been sent to me that we have not used or tried before. May or may not try it in the future. Anything without is probably something we've used before.

Things that can be done on webcam
Corner Time
Corner Time w/twist* (kneeling on rice, holding penny to wall, kneeling etc)
Sitting on warm/hot pad*
Soap/hot sauce etc in mouth
Jumping Jacks, push ups etc*
butt plug*

Other things:
Restrictions: shopping, foods etc
Early bedtime
Themed based essay typed
themed based essay hand written
Writing lines
Allowance restrictions
Taking away time with him*
Extra chores
Self Spanking*


Audra said...

Hi there! I havent commented before.. But your previous post really touched me. My hubby goes away often and I can relate to you letting everything go. It's so hard to be motivated when no one is home to hold you accountable. I think it sounds like you are doing alot of creative disipline... Craig and I have been trying to figure out ways to do dd when he is away, it's not easy! Hang in there!! I wish

Rich Person said...

There are, of course, the highly-feared nipple clamps.

Self-inflicted punishments are just not the same. No matter what you do, they don't have the same feeling or effect. However, you can keep a log book with the understanding that your dom will be reading it and can take action when he returns. The act of writing in the book is a bit of its own punishment.

As someone with a great deal of long distance discipline experience, you have my deepest sympathies!

David said...

You put an asterisk by ginger but that's definitely a good one. What we do is never use it when I'm home - only when I'm on the road so that it's a special case, only associated with DD while I'm away. You should definitely give that a try. That, and the butt plug are both good away-disciplines that we use a lot.

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