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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hey everyone!
I hope everyone has been ok in blog world. I thought Id throw an update on here.  Dh and I are doing well. Weve been trying to incorporate DD from Afghanistan and it has been a bit of a challenge. I let things go pretty badly here as far as my behavior went. I keep everything running smoothly; the house, the pets, my job, etc but my behavior has been out of line. I realize that I should want to obey but somehow with him so far away and not getting to communicate daily I’ve really let things fall. I hate that he has to lecture or spend the precious time we do have discipline me so I have been working hard on being the woman and the wife that I know he, and I both, need me to be.
I had been staying up until two or three in the morning most nights and still getting up at six or seven. I became so exhausted that I was crabby on the phone with him, getting sick a lot, and falling behind on things. So he instituted a bedtime. The bedtime is one thing for work nights and another for weekends. I can only stay up later if its approved in advance. I can shoot him an email and ask him to approve it but if he doesn’t get around to or cant have access to internet than I have to use the original bedtime.
In addition we had stopped the schedules and the food plans because they weren’t working. They just were too hard to follow with lack of communication. Things come up, changes have to be made and I cant get a hold of him to get them approved. So hes trusted me in making my own routines unless things start falling apart again.
I have had to stand in the corner and record it on webcam to send him, had to have soap in my mouth on cam with him, gone to bed early, been grounded, hand write essays etc. He is pretty creative in discipline from afar. Such as not letting me have chocolate for x amount of time! You never want that when you are PMSing!!
I have been working on my diet and exercise. I have lost about 15lbs in 6 weeks. Not too shabby.
Anyway, thought Id send an update.  Havent blogged on here in awhile.


Stormy said...

I'd be terrible at obeying long distance. You should be proud! I can barely be good as it is...okay I can't but I do try! :)

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