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Sunday, March 13, 2011


In a month my husband will be home on R&R. As much cuddling and loving that will go on, I know that there will be some spanking too :( He's like Santa, he keeps a list, lol.

I am a bit worried about the spanking. I know he is a fair man and that he won't hurt me (well you know, outside of the spanking pain) but I worry because when he comes home it will be ten months since Ive had a spanking.

I actually swatted myself with a wooden spoon once yesterday, just to see how it feels. It hurts! I sure hope I get a lot of good girl spankings before a bad girl one *WEG* to help my bum a little bit.

Hubby wants me to throw away my sleeping pills. I seem to have some weird reactions to the ambien. I dont remember anything that occurs after I take it, I get up and do weird things, I have weird conversations with people... sort of like being drunk but even worse! But right now with the stress and anxiety of him being gone I cant sleep naturally (and I have tried EVERYTHING). At least with the ambien I sleep. Yet, I got up, made a sandwich, left it all on the counter and went back to bed. One night I took a bath at two am and recorded it and sent it to my best friend. Another time I unloaded the dishwasher and fell asleep clutching a pan in the middle of the kitchen. Ive fallen down the stairs. Ive left weird voice messages. It really messes me up. I dont understand because I have no recollection of doing these things.

He told me to flush them.

But if I dont I wont sleep.

I always obey. Why cant I on this?


This is She. said...

I had ambien, too. It did the same thing to me, and does it to a lot of other people as well. Get rid of them. When I stopped taking them, I actually felt like I was going to go into a seizure from the withdrawals. I didn't even have a mental dependency on them.. my body just got hooked so fast. It was crazy. As much as it helps with sleep, it's secretly destroying other things inside of you.

Have you tried seroquel? Or lunesta? Or melatonin? Melatonin is something you can buy at the grocery store. It's a vitamin, and it works wonders. It puts me right to sleep.. and it does so by using what your body already has. It's great.

Talk to your doctor, first and foremost. There are other sleep aids out there that will help just as well, but won't cause you to do so many strange things.

Florida Dom said...

I second the motion. Talk to your doctor about a different medication. And, hopefully, you can sleep better with him being home.

And enjoy the spankings and tell us what it is like to spanked after 10 months.


CedenoGems said...

I've heard bad things about Ambien as well. I would do what he says. One day you may do something seriously dangerous to your health that can't be fixed.

He cares about you, obey on this one. If you have to, I'd rather see you go to sleep therapist and tell them not to give you Ambien as a treatment.

Good luck with that.

Give him lots of kisses and sexy poses in lingerie so you get plenty of good girl spankings first!!!

Stormy said...

Try Tylenol PM. Fewer side affects and it works. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a very similar situation - my love interest is not in the military, but it is very long distance. I can't even imagine what our long awaited union will be like.

Now, about that Ambien ... be very, very careful with it. You've mentioned far too many 'incidents' to take it lightly. Call your doctor and get a new script! ... ASAP. Take care.

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