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Sunday, April 17, 2011

He's home!!

Well Matthew is home :) Weve spent the weekend enjoying each other. There has been two spankings that I will write about later, and a lot of love making. He surprised me by coming home a day early. My bet friend picked him up from the airport and brought him to the hair salon where I was getting my hair cut. I was shocked!!! So was everyone else at the salon!

I probably wont be writing an update until he heads back to Afghanistan, going to enjoy my time with him, but I wanted to update everyone real fast.

P.S. I forgot what snoring sounds like! Haha.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For him to come home! I am so anxious, excited, nervous all in one. My heart is in my stomach and my palms are sweaty. I know we will make sweat love, I know he will reassert his dominance over me, and I know Im in for a discipline spanking, I just dont know which order they will be. I am sure I will have a lot to talk about very soon!! AAAHHHHH!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Updates

Well my husband is due home sometime THIS WEEK! Just for two weeks but I will take it. I am a bit worried about my backside, my behavior has been... less then desirable. Luckily, he is very understanding and knows me  and my limits. I know we will spend most of the time simply enjoying each other but I also know there is a spanking in store for me as well. A big part of me knows how badly I need and want the discipline. When we say goodbye there will be only 3 months left before hes home from this deployment! When I see him it will be 9.5 months since we said our last goodbye. It will be nice to be in his arms again, feel his kisses and know how much Im loved. I cant wait to hold him and serve him.

I am now a size 10. Not a tight fitting size ten, but a comfortable, in popular name brands, size ten. One more size until an eight. I wish I felt the difference but Im not.  This is this week: