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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well not only did I make the dentist appointment yesterday but I also went today! Unfortunately Im going to have to make three more dentist appointments, but I did it! And I went!! Woohoo!!

Matthew called today and followed up again! Woot. I was very happy he remembered to, that is another good sign. He was very proud of me (I LOVE those words) for making and following through with the appointment. Now, if only I can get on the counseling one... Im working on that.

One step at a time.

Today I started a project. I like projects. I have a huge stack of Food Network type magazines. Food Network, Paula, Rachel etc. A HUGE stack. So I am going through, cutting out the recipes I want to try or think Matthew will love, and pasting them on recipe cards. That way when I am out of inspiration I can grab one from the box! I will also use them in planning our meals when he comes home. I am excited about it. I even made a recipe box for them to go into :) I will post photos if anyone is interested.

Mad the container 

There will be hundreds of these!


His First Mate said...

I am interested! i love to cook and really need to do the same thing with all my magazines!

His First Mate said...

That is so cute put that box looks big! Is it just a regular size recipe box or something else?

Spanked Army Wife said...

Its a lunch box :) Painted and decorated

His First Mate said...

So cute! So the cards must be bigger then! I was wondering. It seems like it would be hard to fit some recipes on those lil tiny cards they usually use.

Have you tried any yet? Or do you have any favorite recipes to share? I love finding and trying new recipes and have some I could pass your way as well if you are interested.

CedenoGems said...

How cute!!! I love the box!!

Glad he followed up. I hope you are feeling better about things.


This is She. said...

I know a really good therapist in the area. I saw him for quite a few months and he helped me out tremendously. With Tricare it's self referral, so you don't need to go through them. I called them once to tell them who it was, and they told me it was unnecessary.

Spanked Army Wife said...

That would be great :) Email me? Spankedarmywife@gmail.com I would love the name

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