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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weight Loss

Quite a few people have asked me recently how Ive been dropping the pounds.Ive been doing a few things differently. This might not work for everyone but these are my “secrets”. 

- Looking at exercise differently. I am now working out doing “fun” activities, like circuit training instead of the same old boring routine of hopping on a treadmill. 
- Accountability: I have been working out with a trainer 3xs a week. Unless I cancel 48hours in advance she gets paid and it’s not cheap! This gives me accountability. Not everyone can afford a trainer, but everyone can work out with a friend. Meeting a friend at the gym, to run or go for a hike is good accountability.
- Get out and move! Going for walks/hikes with a camera to take photos, going to the zoo, walking around the mall, going to a park, jumping on the trampoline etc. Anything that gets you moving!
- Sneak in exercise. When Im writing articles/chapters in my book and I get a down moment, bored or simply writers block I get down on the floor with my bender ball and bust out a couple extra (or 50) crunches, do lunges/squats while cooking, take more trips into the house with groceries, switching over the laundry etc. Instead of seeing how much I can carry I now make smaller more frequent trips. Instead of fast forwarding during commercials on my dvr I now do three minutes of exercise, every other commercial break.

- Prepare your own favorite recipes from restaurants. There are a million copy cat recipes out there. When you prepare it use fresh ingredients and substitute out the bad items.
- Try new foods. I thought I HATED fish. Turns out, I don’t hate all fish. Ive been eating Tilapia, Salmon, and Maui Maui. 
- Rethink meals. I used to have this “three” rule. I would make each meal have three items: protein, starch and veggie/fruit. Now I realize there is no rule that says that. So I may have just two of the items, or two veggies and a starch. Often times now I don’t do protein and starch but one or the other. 
- Portion control! I use smaller plates, portion things out properly, and make a conscience effort to reduce sizes. 
- Change one thing at a time. I didn’t make any huge changes at first. It was small substitutes here and there (fresh fruit instead of chips/fries with a burger/sandwich), mustard instead of mayo, little things. Overtime your body adjusts and you find you like these better.
- Eat at the table!!! When I started to just eat, instead of eat AND watch tv, or eat AND play online or eat AND read a book I realized I enjoyed the food more, I ate less and I actually paid attention to what I was eating. Make meal times about meals, not multitasking. 
- Take the food out of the package. If you are going to eat prepackaged foods don’t eat them directly from the bags/boxes. You will eat more that way. Take it out, put it in a bowl or plate and put the package back on the shelf. 
- Make substitutes that are healthy. Read the labels. Not all substitutes are good for you. Sometimes fat is replaced by salt etc. know what you are eating. 
- Drink water. I increased my water intake and make sure I drink at least eight ounces before I eat anything.
- Let the food digest. Before getting seconds or dessert let there be some time that passes so the body can tell the brain it is full. 
- If you are hungry, eat. I keep a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, cheese and healthy snacks in my house. I don’t starve myself. If I am hungry, I eat. Just snack intelligent. Eat small snacks, nutritious and drink water with it. 
- Don’t sacrifice all your favorites. Many people who are dieting get rid of the foods that are bad for them. I am not from this train of thought. I wanted to make a lifestyle change instead of a diet. I keep my favorite foods in the house, that aren’t good for me, and eat them in moderation. I will still eat cheetohs and cookies. I just reduce the portion (I can literally eat just two cheetohs and walk away!) and eat them less frequently. 
- Cook! Cook your own meals instead of buying prepared meals or eating out. 
- When eating out ask for the box BEFORE the meal. Then portion out what you are going to eat and put the rest in the box to take home, put the box aside. Youll be amazed at how full you are.
- Clearing plates is not necessary. You don’t have to finish all the food on your plate just because it is there or to be polite. 
- Keep a healthy snack in your purse/car etc for those moments when you might get hungry. This helps avoid fast food. I have kept Special K bars, crackers, almonds and other things around just in case.
- Watch what you drink. Check the labels of the juice, soda, and dairy products you’re drinking. I found a lot of my calories were coming from what I was drinking. I replaced the unhealthy sugar filled juices with all natural, 100% juices, changed my milk percentage, and reduced my soda. Ill still drink it (I like Cherry Coke Zero) but I limit the intake and instead I drink Crystal Light and water. 

Other suggestions:
- Take a vitamin. 
- Get plenty of sleep.
- Drink lots of water.
- Pamper yourself occasionally. 
- Make reasonable goals and take small steps. 

I attended a couple nutrition classes on post and Ive been using some valuable websites.

http://www.mypyramid.gov/ Has the breakdowns of food. 

From there go to "Home" and then "Daily Food Plan" Fill out your height/weight/sex/physical activity, be honest!

Then it will give you the option is you are above the recommended weight for your height. To either maintain the weight, or to go towards a healthy weight.

Because I work out with a trainer and I do workout daily my calorie goal is 2,000. 
The cool thing is it doesnt only give you a calorie goal, it gives you a breakdown of how you should get the calories and in what group to get them from.

In addition, once you have your goals you can go here (http://www.mypyramid.gov/downloads/worksheets/Worksheet_2200_18.pdf) And print out your worksheet for food.

Here is what I am supposed to be eating daily: http://www.mypyramid.gov/downloads/results/results_2000_18.pdf 

6oz grains
2 1/2 cups veggies
2 cups fruit
3 cups milk/dairy
5 1/2 oz meat/beans 

Because I have utilized the skills of a nutritionist I have been able to break down my calories a bit, based on my activities. I eat about six times a day, never after seven pm. I tend to eat a bigger percentage of calories morning/mid day. I eat when I wake up to jump start my metabolism. I have a healthy breakfast with carbs. I eat an hour before I work out and I eat again after I work out. My training sessions are at 1pm. I have a mid afternoon "meal" more like a snack. Normally cheese and fruit. Then I have dinner. 

Also, dont forget to count the calories in your drinks!! Ive been making a conscience effort to drink mainly water. 

I still have a LONG way to go and I am very image conscience and have tons of self esteem issues but this is what I have been doing recently. Im 162lbs down from a high of 230. I am now in a size 8 jeans down from an 18. I still have lots and lots of room for improvement but that’s where I am at for now. Thank you for all the encouragement.


The Marine's Wife said...

Congrats on your weight loss and your efforts!

CedenoGems said...

Jiminey, that was a lot. Good stuff. Thanks doll!

Elysia said...

I do some of these things too, but there are some that I never thought about. Thanks! I'll give them a try. Congrats on the awesome weight loss! You go girl!

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