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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One week later

Things are going very well. He did spank me everyday for the last week. We made an executive decision to not spank the last two days and I will explain why in a second. All the spankings were hand spankings at night. I have had two discipline spankings. One was a quick and fast for calling him, "Dude" which he hates. I have a lot of toddlers/young children in my life that for some reason use the word often. He hates it and is trying to break me of using it.

The second was talking bad about myself. With all the weight Ive lost I have stretch marks and extra skin that I find ugly when my clothes are off. I had made a few comments about it and he decided the strap would help with that habit. He said he doesnt let anyone talk badly about his wife.

For the last week my ears have been hurting me but I ignored it. Two days ago I felt completely exhausted and went to take a nap. I ended up sleeping for five hours. When I woke the pillow was soaked with blood. I touched my nose thinking it was a bloody nose. It was indeed my left ear.

Matthew took me to Urgent Care. I apologized to the doctor for what I thought was wasting his time. But, I had a fever of 102.8 and after looking in my right ear he stopped, turned to the nurse and ordered percocet. He asked why we hadnt come in earlier, I thought it was no big deal. When he did look in my left ear he told us that I need to go see an ENT after my antibiotics are over. Its badly infected and he thinks I may have retorn the hole in my eardrum. He was shocked my pain was only at a seven. I left with percocet and an antibiotic. I think 3,000mg a day is a lot especially in capsule form, and its for ten days.With the pain in my ears and how the vibrations hurt, he has decided to hold off spanking for awhile, but reminded me there are other forms of discipline if I do misbehave.

So there you have it, a quick update.


His First Mate said...

Glad things are looking up in the DD arena! Hope you feel better soon! Take Care!

Heather said...

Oh wow, that sounds painful! Im glad you got some spankings though and are enjoying your time together. Feel better soon!!

kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhh poor you - i hope you get better soon and Im glad to read that hubby gave you the warning that there are other forms of punishment - a clear sign of commitment to this lifestyle -:)
take care of yourself xxx

senorrose4 said...

I hope that you have a full and speedy recovery.

Of course, no spankings should take place until you are 100% well: that goes without saying!!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! I hope your ear mends quickly! And congrats on having him home finally! :) I was excited to come across your blog, as a mil wife myself. Hope you keep the posts coming!

Audra said...

OMG! I'm so sorry! Hope you get feeling better soon so the spankings can resume! ;-0

Glad your man is there to help take care of you!!

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