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Sunday, July 3, 2011


After a year away he comes home this month!!! I am so stoked!!!!! WOOT!

On the dd front the last week I havent mentioned anything, not wanting to nag him. Yesterday he brought it up and asked me if I was ready. He asked me three times if I was sure this is what I want and the path I want to continue down, and after the third he said that there was no going back or changing minds now. He gave me three opportunities to change my mind, and now its concrete.

Ive been very impressed on how consistent hes been recently although, a bit hesitant to be too impressed, he has had times over our marriage where he has been very consistent and followed through for a few weeks/months at a time and then it just slowly stopped. This time though we are holding both accountable.

Most people dont understand how we maintain DD while he is deployed. He sets firmer rules/structure and he has many long distance discipline at his fingertips. Although, for the most part I am even better behaved when he is gone because I dont want him to be stressed out.

The hard time in our dynamic is after the deployment. I have ran the household completely, for a year. I have been in charge of EVERYTHING and been able to act/do as I please for the most part. Having someone else come into your space after a year and turn it back into our space is hard even for couples not involved in DD. Coming home and retaking charge is always an interesting 365.

I just cant wait to hold him, hear him snore in my ear and know he is out of harms way. All else will fall where it falls.


Florida Dom said...

You wrote recently you need this lifestyle so I hope you both can maintain it when he returns home. Good luck.


kiwigirliegirl said...

thats so neat, im so excited for you in all respects, hubby being home and out of harms way as you put it, and him sounding like he truly means business on the DD front - good luck :) it will all be good. xxx

Rogue said...

I'm excited for you! Here's hoping the transition is smooth for you all!!

The Marine's Wife said...

I'm glad he's coming home! And it certainly will b an adjustment... Good luck!

Elysia said...

Jess, I'm so happy for you both! How very exciting! And Dd is going great too! What a very happy post! I know it will be an adjustment for you, but it sounds like "just knowing that" will make it easier. Wishing you a very joyful reunion. Congrats! -E

Spanked Army Wife said...

Thank you :)

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