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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a roller coaster ride

This last week has been. I have been at the hospital every day for lab work and we were hospitalized over night Friday.

They have been monitoring my hcg levels closely. They went from 104 to 154. Again, they did not double. Simply halved.

Then, they went from 154 to 459. In two days.

Random jump.

Our doctor and team of physicians have been monitoring me. They believe that the pregnancy is an ectopic, but with the levels below a thousand they cant visibly confirm that. The blood tests I had earlier in the week showed internal bleeding. Although the hospital I use is a Catholic one (I dont use military hospitals) and is completely pro life my doctor started to encourage taking the abortion pill. This I couldnt do. In fact because of his constant pressuring for me to go to Planned Parenthood I complained to patient advocacy and switched teams.

My new OB is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and constantly tells me that our bodies do things that medical science cant explain. She has seen people with bad/low hcg numbers deliver healthy babies and people with high numbers miscarry. She puts less stock in the numbers and more stock in the body.

The team does still worry we are having an ectopic. Three days after deciding I was bleeding internally (blood cell count, blood pressure and a few other indicators) but it has stopped.

They wanted to go ahead and do an injection to end the pregnancy. Ectopics can be life threatening if not taken care of fast enough. But with the bleeding stopped and no visible evidence my new OB gave me the decision.

We have decided to wait and let nature run its course. Meaning, if it gets bad or there is proof it is an ectopic we will readdress the issue. until then though I am letting whatever happens happened. the hcg did quadruple. My OB told me that we could also be off by a week in the actually dating of the pregnancy. I am not willing to give up yet.

We head out on vacation on Saturday. I know, weird time to take a vacation. My husband just returned from Afghanistan and we had planned a ten day trip to Florida. The trip and airline tickets are nonrefundabe/transferable. We were going to cancel but the doctors told us to go. I have a list of restrictions, local hospital/ob names/referrals and a game plan in place if anything happens. My OB actually says it will be better for us then sitting around and dwelling.

After all, Disney is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth. We could use a little magic right now.


Heather said...

You are in my thoughts! The human body is amazing, and miracles CAN happen. I hope you enjoy your vacation as much as you can, and that everything turns out okay with this pregnancy! Im keeping my fingers crossed for your family<3

Rogue said...

Oh, goodness, sending prayers your way! I've been there. Hope all goes well!

kiwigirliegirl said...

oh my, good luck I hope the magic of Disney works for you.
I have had an ectopic, but it was so painful right from the very beginning, only two weeks after a period i was bleeding with severe abdominal pains. Doc took a pregnancy test which was positive but he sent me to hospital - too early to show on a scan, they took blood tests to recodr HCG levels and sent me home. Told me to come back two days later, but the hormones hadnt increased - sure enough it was ectpoic and I lost both the baby and a tube. This was about 11 years ago.
Now im trying for another one. I had one miscarrage in '96, had my son in '98 and that ectopic in 2000.
I wish you all the very best honey - praying for you that everything is ok. Please let us know how it goes. Its hopeful that the HCG leveals are rising.....fingers crossed and saying prayers for you :)
Try and enjoy your holiday and relax - probably the best thing you could do for your body right now.

Emily said...

Good luck, my dear. I wish you and your husband the best with this pregnancy. Enjoy your time together!

findingsara said...

Wishing you the best luck ever...and a wonderful trip! Sara

Tammy said...

Sending prayers your way! Try to enjoy your vacation.

Stormy said...

My heart hurts for you. I'm sure glad you switched teams, this new OB is not just on your side, she's pulling for your baby too. And thats like a gentle hug for your mommy heart. I'm praying for your family. Be careful but still enjoy Disney. Give updates when you can.

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