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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Its been a month...

We had a nice vacation and Ill write some more about that soon. I had emergency surgery this week and its been very difficult to write things out. 

Since my last post my HCG levels had stabilized, caught up and then normalized.

Both my husband and I had chromosomes tested. Both completely normal/healthy.
Both have had our DNA analyzed. Normal.
My uterus is completely normal. The lining is fine. The shape and location is perfect. 
My cervix is great.
I do not have any form of clotting disorder, diabetes, thyroid disorders etc.
There has been dye tests performed on my tubes and through my uterus. Perfectly healthy.
I do not have PCOS.
My eggs are strong and healthy.
My progesterone is produced just fine. 

Yet, we have had multiple missed miscarriages. Miscarriages that have occurred after the heartbeat has both been seen and heard. My body has never bled. We have had to have a D&C for each and every miscarriage. We have also had a still birth where I had to deliver our son after he died. There has been multiple tests ran on the babies to see if there was any genetic/chromosome issues that caused there deaths. All of them have been healthy.

Weds we had emergency surgery for a molar pregnancy. My uterus was full of blood and masses of cells. The sac was present in the past few ultrasounds but a baby was never seen. My blood pressure dropped rapidly, my temperature raised and the doctor literally was worried about my safety and life, cancelled all her patients for today and had me in surgery. They have removed the cells, some of which had buried into my uterus, and sent them to pathology to make sure they did not turn into cancerous cells in hopes that I wont need chemo.

When the HCG had stabilized and increased we had become very hopeful. Then we saw the sac and were hopeful again. But at nine weeks there should have been more then just a sac. The large clusters of cells kept multiplying the longer I waited. The doctor literally told me I could not wait any longer without risking death and we had zero chance of a live baby.

So now we wait. Wait for the hormones to leave the body, wait for pathology to read the tissue, and let my body and mind heal once again.


kiwigirliegirl said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you both - love and hugs kiwi xx

William said...

The best of luck with trying to have a child. I send all my good thoughts your way. I'm sure in time your body will settle and give you what you want. Good luck!


This is She. said...

I am so, so sorry :(

I admire you so much for your strength..

And I truly wish you the best. <3

Pooky said...

I can not even imagine the heartbreak- I am prying for you. And I will have my friends praying as well.

CedenoGems said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you have a miracle happen soon!

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