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Monday, October 31, 2011

Staying Out of Trouble- Happy Halloween!

Traditionally when Matthew is home we go out to a scary movie and dinner Halloween night when it is on a weekday. We are scrooges and don't pass out candy. The doorbell and constant traffic drives our dogs nuts. Besides, not having children, we dont feel the need to spend a ton of money on strangers kids. I know, mean right? Anyway, since he is not here and I have class tonight anyway, I decided Ill just treat myself to dinner somewhere. A lot changes when you add children to the mix. I hope everyone stays safe tonight who are going out!

Well Matthew has been gone since early yesterday morning and won't be back for two weeks. I am so busy right now that trouble is the last thing I have to think about (although sometimes it is when I am busy and not thinking that I tend to get into the most trouble!)

I have midterms this week. It is the first time in eight years that I will be taking a college test. My classes are accelerated six or eight week semesters. We do in that amount of time what everyone else does in a full term. It is a bit stressful to say the least. I have five tests this week! I'm sort of anxious over it.

I am also still working at my job, although work is slow right now.

I am also taking care of the house, all the bills, and my two large dogs.

So, maybe just maybe all that will keep me out of trouble.

(or perhaps it was the 25 rather hard swats with the bath brush on an already sore bum?) ;)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some photos & Today

Matthew is headed out for two weeks. So today we are staying in, doing some light housework and he requested my homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs for dinner. I am sure there will be some form of spanking before he goes. I'm hoping good girl but some how when he is home and we are cleaning I tend to get in trouble. Mainly because HE DOES IT WRONG! It drives me bonkers!

Anyway, there had been a request to see some of my pictures from the other night. Here is a few. Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Well I wanted him to be consistent.

Last night I was sitting in bed setting the alarm clock. It just sort of came out. I said, "What time did you want the clock set for dude? I think 530 is a bit too early how about 545?" I didn't even realize I said it.

He said, "What did you say?" His tone didnt change and I didnt realize I had said it. So I said, "What time do you want the alarm clock set for?"

"No, you said dude."
"Did I?"
"Come here." With a big sigh.

So I may have begged a little since my bum was already sore. In fact I tried the whole, "its your fault."

"Baby my butt hurts sooo bad please don't. I'm sorry I said Dude. I'll try harder. Besides you hurt my butt enough for one night."

"I did did I?" He asked "I see it another way. You are the cause of your butt hurting. I am merely the effect. Think about that when you decide to do things. Is your action going to bring about my effect?"

But he was a man of his word. Pulled me over his knee and gave me four really hard swats with the bath brush.

Seems like he is really serious about breaking me of this habit. I don't even know when I picked it up. I was nannying three little boys during the deployment who used it a lot, and some of my friends kids say it as well.

I understand that it doesn't sound professional or lady like. I am trying really hard. He has a way of motivating it out of me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well it happened. I got spanked.

I deserved it.

He said it was time to go upstairs. I batted my pretty blue eyes and tried to talk him out of it. No such luck.

But you know, I wouldn't be happy if that had worked, I would have been sad and disappointed. I'm glad he stuck to his guns.

We went up to the bedroom. We were laughing and joking up the stairs. Not that we don't take discipline seriously, but sometimes, when its addressing earlier issues and there is no immediate ill feelings we can still joke around.

Then we got into the bedroom and he pulled out the dang *gulp* bath brush. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE wooden implements.

I tossed it into the dirty clothes. He chuckled. Told me to go get the brush. I tossed it down the stairs, playfully. He said fine, reached under the bed and got the big paddle out. The thing is really a cutting board, a bamboo one (eek) I hurried down the stairs and got the bath brush.

He put me over his knee and started spanking my bare bum with his hand. Then turned to the bath brush, pausing to ask me. "What did you do to earn this spanking?"

"I went out in the snow without proper clothing while sick when you told me to go home."
"And what rule did that break?"

(did I mention he was still spanking?) Yep. One thing wrong, breaks all three rules. Sigh.

"What else did you do?"
"I hung up on you."
"What rule did that violate"
"Why else are you getting this spanking?"
"Cause I called you dude."
"What rule did that break?"

"what other reason are you getting this spanking?"
"huh? Nothing! I didnt do anything else!"
"Just making sure."

Dang man wanted to see if I had anything else to confess. He finished with the brush and moved to the paddle. "These five are for throwing the brush." I got five hard swats.

Then it was over and he pulled me into his arms, him laying on his back, me on top of him, in bed. He kissed me and everything is good.

I'm sitting here on a sore bum but I wouldnt want it any other way. I was held accountable, he loved me enough to want what was best for me, for us and our relationship.

Now, I'd better start on that project I have due in class tomorrow. The last thing I want is a spanking on top of an already sore butt.


Matthew reminded me that I have a spanking coming and that we will deal with it as soon as the movie we are watching is over.

And that I added two things to it: 1. Hanging up on him earlier and 2. calling him "dude."

I picked up dude from watching some of my friends kids. Well, he isnt impressed. Hes been trying to break me of the habit. It was a total slip up, I didnt even realize I said it until he asked what I said a couple times, I repeated it and hs eyebrows were raised and a sharp swat was applied to my jeans. "Keep adding to it." He said.

The hanging up, well that was a partial accident. Not calling right back was really the issue. I accidentally hung up on him when I moved the phone from one ear to the next. He called in the middle of me getting my hair colored. Well, I was irritated at him so I didnt call him back. He just assumed I hung up completely. Hanging up is definitely not something allowed, shows disrespect. I should have called him back.

I wanted him to be more consistent and follow through. Looks like Im getting what I asked for. Isnt it funny how sometimes we think we want something, then we are waiting for it going, am I sure I want this?!? Lol

So now I am sitting here waiting for the movie to be over to face my demons of the day. And its been a long time since Ive had a real spanking, my poor butt isnt used to them like I used to be.

This one will reset us I think.

I wish this was the longest movie in history! Oi!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Need some TTWD friends :/

I'm dying here in my vanilla world. I need some people to talk to! Email me on spankedarmywife@gmail.com if you ever want to talk. I just feel like I have to hide such a huge aspect of my life from the outside world and it would be nice to have conversations with others who arent going to think Im nuts!

The ShouldathoughtaboutitbeforeIdid itis

Sometimes I think my brain fails me. Like today. Wednesday's I have ten straight hours of class. Two, five hour classes, in the same room in the same building. Because my classes are six-eight weeks instead of a full semester they are five hours each. Anyway, this morning I had a physical as well which meant a very long day.

I thought I was healing from my cold. I go to the doctor to get my yearly physical and find out I have a sinus infection, double inner ear infection and strep throat. He puts me on an antibiotic. Then, orders a ton of labs. Matthew is out of town until tomorrow on a mission. I go home, shower, and get ready for school. go to my first class.

Class gets cut two hours early. See Colorado weather is crazy. On Monday it was 78 degrees. Today, it was in the 20's and snowing, a lot. Well, my first class got cut two hours early and my second class got canceled. Instead of being in school from 1-10pm today I was in school from 1-3pm.

Matthew called and I told him school was out, I was running by Starbucks and headed home. I could get ahead on my schoolwork and get some rest. I told him about the doctors orders and I got one of those, "I told you you were sick" lectures.

As I drove home I thought about how beautiful the fall colors were against the white backdrop of snow. So, having my camera in the car, I decided to go to a local park with two lakes and shoot some pictures of it before its all melted tomorrow. It would be a quick stop on my way.

Yeah, I might not have been thinking clearly.

I took some amazing photos. In the twenty eight degree, heavily snowing weather, with nothing but jeans, a sweater and gloves on. While running a 102 degree temp, an inner ear infection, strep and a sinus infection.

But you see, I've been medicating thinking I had a cold. Taking dayquil and nightquil with tylenol. In fact, I feel pretty good.

I may or may not have been out there for over an hour. Then Matthew texted. Wanted to know what I was up to... I didn't lie but I didnt expand on the details.

"Get your ass home right now." Yep. That is the text that I got. I was pretty sure there was no wiggle room in that text. It was followed up with a, "go home and get your rest." Text.

He then said I was in trouble for being sick and playing in the snow. I tried telling him it was the FIRST snow and the leaves were still gold. His response? "and it won't be the last time it snows in Colorado."

So, I apologize. "I forgive you but you are still getting a spanking tomorrow."

Great. I hope these photos are hot commodities because my bum will be tomorrow :(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I admit sometimes I don't know what is best for me

I took this photo the other day of the sun playing peek a boo with us. It is a great metaphor of how my life is right now. Sometimes its bright and shiny and sometimes the clouds come and cover the sun for awhile.

Today I am supposed to be building a house with Habitat for Humanity. I love volunteering with the community and giving back. I havent been able to since July when all the pregnancy=miscarriage occured. I have been looking forward to it.

Right now I am in the middle of school. I am taking all upper division 400 level classes, in a condensed six week semester. I am full time meaning that I am finishing in fourteen weeks what it takes most college students to finish in a year. It is a tad bit stressful.

In addition to that I am still working, keeping up house, and occasionally getting out and taking photos (one of my favorite hobbies.)

Last night I came home and Matthew could tell something was wrong. My class let out a bit early so I was home at nine thirty instead of ten thirty. My throat felt like it was on fire, but I was hoping it would go away and was just allergies. I took some allergy medicine and went to bed.

This morning a girlfriend wanted to attend the grand opening of a local store because they were giving out $5 gift cards to the first fifty people. She's pretty thrifty. I had told her I would go and so I did. This meant getting up on a Saturday morning (the only day I get to sleep in) at seven. I got up and my world was spinning. I was dizzy, my chest and nose was congested, my throat hurt severely and my eyes were incredibly dry.

After leaving the store I met Matthew for breakfast at a local mom and pop joint that we love. I ordered their homemade blueberry pancakes; made with fresh plump blueberries, yummo! But I couldn't eat half of the order it hurt so much to swallow.

I decided I would go home, take a nap for an hour before making the hour drive to the worksite for the four hour shift. I got home, laid down and was out about fifteen minutes later. But when I got up I was worst and running a fever. It wasn't going to stop me. I made a promise to be there and I was going to go.

Ok, I might not be able to stop me but Matthew sure is.

Three hours later I'm just waking up on the couch, I slept for quite a while. I have an email from the site manager telling me no worries I can volunteer next month, get better. I felt awful for leaving them hanging a person but Matthew insisted that my health was more important today...

and besides if I tried to leave my butt was going to match my throat for soreness and well, I cant suck on a cough drop and make that feel all better.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Post 70


It was driving me nuts that I had 69 posts. No idea why, it just was.

I wanted to link up some of my stories. I've had people email me about the two series I've been flirting around with for a few years now. "The Trainer" a BDSM set story in a futuristic world and "Becky & Josh" a dd story set on a military installation. When I get into writing moods I post them.

You can find my stories on Spanking Classics under serial spanking stories and the pen name "Spanked Wifey" Spanking Classics is a completely free site.

The link.

Here is what I just posted under "The Trainer."

I have to run off to class but wrote a little bit more on the series today. I hope it wets your whistles.

Rasha hated Randor, she absolutely hated him. She didn’t know if her hatred spun from the fact that he was the only person she had contact with and thus depended on him for everything, or the fact that he was a heathen who cared nothing for her feelings. She hadn’t seen anyone besides him and Freedom for the past week. She had began to wonder if she was really married and if so, where in hades was her husband?

Everyday for the past week Rasha had been given an agenda. The agenda was fairly routine: mornings in class, afternoons in bondage. Everyday there was a task that she had to perform throughout the day. Someday’s the tasks were small; others they were hard to carry out. Each was a lesson on obedience.

The mornings weren’t horrible; she imagined them to be much like what the children of Earth had gone through during their education. She sat at the desk and learned the planet’s history, the government system and their culture. Still, very foreign to her, yet it was becoming more of the norm as Randor played multiple clips of everyday life for her to view.

It was the afternoons Rasha loved to hate. She always had flip flopping butterflies in her stomach as she walked from her sanctuary of a bedroom to the training dungeon. No one else would look at the room as a dungeon, for Randor had given quite a bit of thought to the decorations. Large stain glassed windows so authentic looking that Rasha often forgot they were simply decoration, arched ceilings, clean pale yellow walls, fresh flowers adorning the tables. The room was bright, airy, and some would say relaxing.

Until the eye wondered to the cross in the corner, the spanking bench next to the desk, or the medically sterile section off to one side. Then, perhaps, one might see the room as Rasha did, a torture chamber.

Rasha was extremely conflicted, her inner turmoil beginning to exhibit outward rebellion. She couldn’t understand her body betraying her mind the way it had been lately. Finding pleasure in things that rationale would dictate would bring pain confused her. Yet, night after night, signs were there of pleasure, signs she tried to wash away.

It was the seventh day of training and already Rasha had progressed more then she had under Lord Tariq. Perhaps, it was because she was getting undivided attention and her every move was monitored. Either way, Ken was pleased with his daily reports.

Amidst heavy battle and dealing with the over twenty prisoners he now had, Ken had not had the opportunity to return to ship. He was planning on doing so tonight, as things had calmed down a bit. He wondered about his beautiful bride, would she be pleased to see him or would she show contempt and hatred towards him? He had no doubt that his ache for her went beyond that of physical temptation; in fact, he had grown quite fond of her. She brought life back to him, when he had thought his soul was long dead and buried.

A twinge of jealousy hit him every time he thought of what Randor was doing to her, teaching her, showing her. He wished he could be the man to teach and show his young wife the ways of the world, but, he was very aware of the dangers of postponing such training, especially when the planets were on the brink of another galactic war. Ken had grown up beside Randor, their families very close. When a tragic accident took the life of Randor’s parents, he moved into the palace and was raised as one of the royal children. He was one of the handful of men that Ken trusted implicitly. Ken also knew that Randor’s love for his wife, a love match, not just an arranged marriage, superseded all he did and he did not have to worry about Randor overstepping.

“How is my wife proceeding?” Ken asked during their daily call.

“Very well. The chit is quite intelligent.” Randor replied, he had grown found of Rasha and his tone spoke of it, “Although that stubborn streak is hard to break.”

“I’m not sure I want it broken.” Ken said, “I wish her to bend to my will, not break. Has she gotten down our laws yet?”

“Yes. Every morning she recites them to me. She understands them, not just the words, but the meaning behind them, she also understands the punishments. I have shown her videos of public floggings and discipline.”

“And her dislike of her body?” that was one area that Ken was having a hard time comprehending. Rasha was breathtaking; everyone could see that, everyone, but Rasha.

“Its… going.” The pause was disconcerting to Ken. “She seems to think her body is nothing more then a vessel. I can’t phathom how she got to be this age without ever touching herself, or being touched, for pleasure. I have exercises tonight that I hope will open her mind to exploring, perfect timing for you to step in and take over.” Randor chuckled and explained the details to Ken. Ken found himself aroused thinking of it. He couldn’t wait.

Back in the groove

Maybe, just maybe I will blog more than once a month. Hmmm. Perhaps.

Things have been getting back to normal around here. Matthew is back to a normal work schedule (as normal as what he does allows). I am in counseling; after the miscarriage I spiraled into depression. I am also in school full time right now working on getting a second bachelor's degree since the first one hasn't seemed to help much. It will take me a year to get it (luckily most of my previous credits did transfer). School is helping to keep me very busy. That does help some. I am still working for the newspaper as well.

I did get spanked last night. We hadn't done anything with dd for the past couple months. It wasnt that the roles reversed or anything, we were just caught up in the vanilla events that took our immediate attention. Healing, physically and emotionally was a big thing. Matthew was on a two week hunting trip for awhile and when he came back work was crazy.

It wasn't a big discipline spanking of any types. It was sort of playful, sort of "Don't forget I am still the boss and can take you over my knee" reminder.

We were sitting in the living room. I was across from him sitting on the footstool, he was on the couch. I was in a bratty mood.

He told me to come over and look at something on the computer screen. See, his Cards are in the playoffs, and my Bears didnt make it. I figured it had something to do with that. I raised an eyebrow.

"Because I want to show it to you."
"Because I told you to."
"So help me God if you ask why one more time..."

Me contemplating asking why. (Guess it showed all over my face.)
"1. 2."

I was sitting next to him before three, but I just couldn't help it. "why?" came squeaking out.

In a matter of a milisecond he had me pulled over his knees and was spanking. Not too hard but hard enough, landing several on my sit spot.

It was just enough to remember he spanks. And I admit, I liked it.

By the way, he later told me he knew he was going to end up spanking me the second I walked into the living room in nothing more then panties and a cami on. I never wear that little around the house, but I had came home from class, it was nearly ten pm, and the clothes I had on were irritating me. So I stripped out of everything but the camisole and the underwear. He said seeing my butt on display inspired him, after all, what were butts made for.