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Friday, October 21, 2011

Back in the groove

Maybe, just maybe I will blog more than once a month. Hmmm. Perhaps.

Things have been getting back to normal around here. Matthew is back to a normal work schedule (as normal as what he does allows). I am in counseling; after the miscarriage I spiraled into depression. I am also in school full time right now working on getting a second bachelor's degree since the first one hasn't seemed to help much. It will take me a year to get it (luckily most of my previous credits did transfer). School is helping to keep me very busy. That does help some. I am still working for the newspaper as well.

I did get spanked last night. We hadn't done anything with dd for the past couple months. It wasnt that the roles reversed or anything, we were just caught up in the vanilla events that took our immediate attention. Healing, physically and emotionally was a big thing. Matthew was on a two week hunting trip for awhile and when he came back work was crazy.

It wasn't a big discipline spanking of any types. It was sort of playful, sort of "Don't forget I am still the boss and can take you over my knee" reminder.

We were sitting in the living room. I was across from him sitting on the footstool, he was on the couch. I was in a bratty mood.

He told me to come over and look at something on the computer screen. See, his Cards are in the playoffs, and my Bears didnt make it. I figured it had something to do with that. I raised an eyebrow.

"Because I want to show it to you."
"Because I told you to."
"So help me God if you ask why one more time..."

Me contemplating asking why. (Guess it showed all over my face.)
"1. 2."

I was sitting next to him before three, but I just couldn't help it. "why?" came squeaking out.

In a matter of a milisecond he had me pulled over his knees and was spanking. Not too hard but hard enough, landing several on my sit spot.

It was just enough to remember he spanks. And I admit, I liked it.

By the way, he later told me he knew he was going to end up spanking me the second I walked into the living room in nothing more then panties and a cami on. I never wear that little around the house, but I had came home from class, it was nearly ten pm, and the clothes I had on were irritating me. So I stripped out of everything but the camisole and the underwear. He said seeing my butt on display inspired him, after all, what were butts made for.


Kay said...

I get in trouble a lot, I confess, for asking why again and again...and especially after that final time when I've been told not to. And I still can't seem to help it! It's like I'm compelled! So frustrating, lol!
It's great to see a post from you! :)

xoLilGirlxo said...

Awww! I'm glad you guys were able to recconect though!! That is so sweet! It shows you that no matter what you guys will endure your love is strong enough to conquer it!!

kiwigirliegirl said...

sometimes just sometimes we just have to do that dont we...hehehe....great to have you back - love and hugs for everything and hope to see more of you :)
love and hugs kiwi xxx

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