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Friday, October 28, 2011


Well I wanted him to be consistent.

Last night I was sitting in bed setting the alarm clock. It just sort of came out. I said, "What time did you want the clock set for dude? I think 530 is a bit too early how about 545?" I didn't even realize I said it.

He said, "What did you say?" His tone didnt change and I didnt realize I had said it. So I said, "What time do you want the alarm clock set for?"

"No, you said dude."
"Did I?"
"Come here." With a big sigh.

So I may have begged a little since my bum was already sore. In fact I tried the whole, "its your fault."

"Baby my butt hurts sooo bad please don't. I'm sorry I said Dude. I'll try harder. Besides you hurt my butt enough for one night."

"I did did I?" He asked "I see it another way. You are the cause of your butt hurting. I am merely the effect. Think about that when you decide to do things. Is your action going to bring about my effect?"

But he was a man of his word. Pulled me over his knee and gave me four really hard swats with the bath brush.

Seems like he is really serious about breaking me of this habit. I don't even know when I picked it up. I was nannying three little boys during the deployment who used it a lot, and some of my friends kids say it as well.

I understand that it doesn't sound professional or lady like. I am trying really hard. He has a way of motivating it out of me.


Kendra said...

love the photo you used for this post.. bath brush yuck (i dont like the bath brush) !

Dee said...

It's very easy to pick up random words/phrases that others say when you've been around them a while. Good luck with that :) Mine is swearing (not ladylike in the least either) and Mitch is just starting to address this! But I gotta say....... 4 swats sounds like BLISS lol!!!!

Dee x

Spanked Army Wife said...

@ Kendra- I thought it was a funny pic too!
@ Dee- 4 swats on an already disciplined bum :( I was pretty sore from the earlier session. Plus, if I get four swats for every time I use the word dude... oh man Id be in big trouble!

Dee said...

Actually, yes you have a good point there.......... Now that I'm thinking in terms of my swearing!

Dee x

Susie said...

It's popped out of my mouth a few times. So far just the old eyebrow raise and a swat or two. Apparently they don't find it to be very respectful. Who knew? lol.

Lasey said...

LOL. I say the word dude sometimes...glad that this is not one of my rules :) I think it is hard not to say dude and things like that when you work with kids.

Sexperts said...

Hehehe, why does he hate that term?

I don't say "dude," but I do tend to sound like a high schooler in other ways, like the way I say "like" all the time. :(

CedenoGems said...

My husband doesn't really care if I say that. He just thinks I'm weird when I say it. It pops out sometimes. I'm sure you'll stop eventually. It's either that...or stand!


William said...

Dude, what were you thinking?...Grins!!!
Good luck with breaking your habit before he breaks your ass.


alex reynolds said...

I don't think I've ever called Malignus "dude," but I can't imagine that he'd be all that pleased about it. It's sort of the exact opposite of "Sir" in a lot of ways :P
I do have a tendency to think it's funny to talk like a lolcat and make "I can has" statements. I've been told that lolspeak is going to equal lolbeatings, and that he's going to be the one lol-ing, not me. I try my best, but sometimes it just slips out! I'll be sure to recommend the "four swats" method, though. It sounds like it was effective for you! ^_^

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