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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I admit sometimes I don't know what is best for me

I took this photo the other day of the sun playing peek a boo with us. It is a great metaphor of how my life is right now. Sometimes its bright and shiny and sometimes the clouds come and cover the sun for awhile.

Today I am supposed to be building a house with Habitat for Humanity. I love volunteering with the community and giving back. I havent been able to since July when all the pregnancy=miscarriage occured. I have been looking forward to it.

Right now I am in the middle of school. I am taking all upper division 400 level classes, in a condensed six week semester. I am full time meaning that I am finishing in fourteen weeks what it takes most college students to finish in a year. It is a tad bit stressful.

In addition to that I am still working, keeping up house, and occasionally getting out and taking photos (one of my favorite hobbies.)

Last night I came home and Matthew could tell something was wrong. My class let out a bit early so I was home at nine thirty instead of ten thirty. My throat felt like it was on fire, but I was hoping it would go away and was just allergies. I took some allergy medicine and went to bed.

This morning a girlfriend wanted to attend the grand opening of a local store because they were giving out $5 gift cards to the first fifty people. She's pretty thrifty. I had told her I would go and so I did. This meant getting up on a Saturday morning (the only day I get to sleep in) at seven. I got up and my world was spinning. I was dizzy, my chest and nose was congested, my throat hurt severely and my eyes were incredibly dry.

After leaving the store I met Matthew for breakfast at a local mom and pop joint that we love. I ordered their homemade blueberry pancakes; made with fresh plump blueberries, yummo! But I couldn't eat half of the order it hurt so much to swallow.

I decided I would go home, take a nap for an hour before making the hour drive to the worksite for the four hour shift. I got home, laid down and was out about fifteen minutes later. But when I got up I was worst and running a fever. It wasn't going to stop me. I made a promise to be there and I was going to go.

Ok, I might not be able to stop me but Matthew sure is.

Three hours later I'm just waking up on the couch, I slept for quite a while. I have an email from the site manager telling me no worries I can volunteer next month, get better. I felt awful for leaving them hanging a person but Matthew insisted that my health was more important today...

and besides if I tried to leave my butt was going to match my throat for soreness and well, I cant suck on a cough drop and make that feel all better.


Ashley said...

It's hard feeling like you let people down...but you can't do it all...ecspecially if you're sick - then you'll be no good to anyone! Hope you feel better soon...and thank God for Matthew...right ? :)

Anonymous said...

Your plate is very full at this time. I hope you can find a few moments for yourself. I'm glad Matthew stepped in and made you do what is best for you. I hope you're soon feeling much better.

Kendra said...

Hope you feel better soon... And don't earn any spankings in the process!

Kay said...

Aww...I'm glad he's taking care of you! Feel better soon! :)

CedenoGems said...

Yes, take care of yourself and let Matt take care of you. Don't be stubborn. It's dangerous. Believe me. I let and infection go on too long and it caused me to have other permanent health issues. Please be well.

Hugs, Kelly

Susie said...

You get better! I go as long as I can too when I'm getting sick. My husband pretty much has to lock up the part of the house where I work, put me in bed and threaten me with a paddling before I stop and rest. Silly, we'd all get better faster if we didn't push it.

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