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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The ShouldathoughtaboutitbeforeIdid itis

Sometimes I think my brain fails me. Like today. Wednesday's I have ten straight hours of class. Two, five hour classes, in the same room in the same building. Because my classes are six-eight weeks instead of a full semester they are five hours each. Anyway, this morning I had a physical as well which meant a very long day.

I thought I was healing from my cold. I go to the doctor to get my yearly physical and find out I have a sinus infection, double inner ear infection and strep throat. He puts me on an antibiotic. Then, orders a ton of labs. Matthew is out of town until tomorrow on a mission. I go home, shower, and get ready for school. go to my first class.

Class gets cut two hours early. See Colorado weather is crazy. On Monday it was 78 degrees. Today, it was in the 20's and snowing, a lot. Well, my first class got cut two hours early and my second class got canceled. Instead of being in school from 1-10pm today I was in school from 1-3pm.

Matthew called and I told him school was out, I was running by Starbucks and headed home. I could get ahead on my schoolwork and get some rest. I told him about the doctors orders and I got one of those, "I told you you were sick" lectures.

As I drove home I thought about how beautiful the fall colors were against the white backdrop of snow. So, having my camera in the car, I decided to go to a local park with two lakes and shoot some pictures of it before its all melted tomorrow. It would be a quick stop on my way.

Yeah, I might not have been thinking clearly.

I took some amazing photos. In the twenty eight degree, heavily snowing weather, with nothing but jeans, a sweater and gloves on. While running a 102 degree temp, an inner ear infection, strep and a sinus infection.

But you see, I've been medicating thinking I had a cold. Taking dayquil and nightquil with tylenol. In fact, I feel pretty good.

I may or may not have been out there for over an hour. Then Matthew texted. Wanted to know what I was up to... I didn't lie but I didnt expand on the details.

"Get your ass home right now." Yep. That is the text that I got. I was pretty sure there was no wiggle room in that text. It was followed up with a, "go home and get your rest." Text.

He then said I was in trouble for being sick and playing in the snow. I tried telling him it was the FIRST snow and the leaves were still gold. His response? "and it won't be the last time it snows in Colorado."

So, I apologize. "I forgive you but you are still getting a spanking tomorrow."

Great. I hope these photos are hot commodities because my bum will be tomorrow :(


kiwigirliegirl said...

oops...hope you are feeling better soon and we need to learn that stop & think before we act thingy dont we LOL....good luck love and hugs kiwi xx

kiwigirliegirl said...

P.S. You should post some of your pics - im sure they are wonderful xx

findingsara said...

Maybe the ear and sinus infection went to your brain. "My thinking was cloudy!:...I'd go with that! ;) Sara

Susie said...

Those dang over the counter meds...make you feel all okay when you really aren't. Got myself pneumonia from doing that a few years ago...and I'll just say that it's a good thing it was pre Dd, because my husband was not pleased.

Get better...hope he goes easy on you.

Kay said...

I'm not going to even tell you how many times I've been guilty of acting before thinking! Sheesh! Just know you're not alone in that, lol. I totally sympathize! Hugs (and get better soon!) :)

Sexperts said...

Sorry you are sick. :(

I think it is great that your hubby cares enough about your health to step in and monitor you. I can see how you'd hate the spanking, but he obviously cares about you. :)

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