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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well it happened. I got spanked.

I deserved it.

He said it was time to go upstairs. I batted my pretty blue eyes and tried to talk him out of it. No such luck.

But you know, I wouldn't be happy if that had worked, I would have been sad and disappointed. I'm glad he stuck to his guns.

We went up to the bedroom. We were laughing and joking up the stairs. Not that we don't take discipline seriously, but sometimes, when its addressing earlier issues and there is no immediate ill feelings we can still joke around.

Then we got into the bedroom and he pulled out the dang *gulp* bath brush. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE wooden implements.

I tossed it into the dirty clothes. He chuckled. Told me to go get the brush. I tossed it down the stairs, playfully. He said fine, reached under the bed and got the big paddle out. The thing is really a cutting board, a bamboo one (eek) I hurried down the stairs and got the bath brush.

He put me over his knee and started spanking my bare bum with his hand. Then turned to the bath brush, pausing to ask me. "What did you do to earn this spanking?"

"I went out in the snow without proper clothing while sick when you told me to go home."
"And what rule did that break?"

(did I mention he was still spanking?) Yep. One thing wrong, breaks all three rules. Sigh.

"What else did you do?"
"I hung up on you."
"What rule did that violate"
"Why else are you getting this spanking?"
"Cause I called you dude."
"What rule did that break?"

"what other reason are you getting this spanking?"
"huh? Nothing! I didnt do anything else!"
"Just making sure."

Dang man wanted to see if I had anything else to confess. He finished with the brush and moved to the paddle. "These five are for throwing the brush." I got five hard swats.

Then it was over and he pulled me into his arms, him laying on his back, me on top of him, in bed. He kissed me and everything is good.

I'm sitting here on a sore bum but I wouldnt want it any other way. I was held accountable, he loved me enough to want what was best for me, for us and our relationship.

Now, I'd better start on that project I have due in class tomorrow. The last thing I want is a spanking on top of an already sore butt.


William said...

Your husband is a lucky man to have such a submissive wife who wants to please him, and takes her punishments when she fails him.


Susie said...

I wondered if you'd get away with throwing the bath brush! Glad you are feeling better and all taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but if Michael didn't like to be called dude, there would be times when I'd be so tempted to call him that! I'm pretty sure he'd just give me a funny look and shake his head though. But, as I apparently already have discipline coming my way today, I don't think I'll try the dude thing out, just in case.

Glad things are better now. I swear I cannot figure out why ttwd works, but I can't deny that it does. Hope things go well with your project!

Spanked Army Wife said...

@ William- thank you for the compliment. I wish I was more submissive. Although he likes that I have my own mind and personality as well.

@ Susie- Well Id really like to burn the bath brush instead of throwing it!

@ Grace- LOL sometimes I am tempted but my butt doesnt like that so I keep it to myself. I will admit during the four swats last night I was screaming DUDE in my head! LOL

Anonymous said...

Good thing you were only screaming it in your head!!! LOL

Sexperts said...

I think it's awesome the way your husband set the rules, enforced them, BUT ALSO made sure you understood which rules were broken by your specific actions. Good leadership, there.

findingsara said...

Sounds like the man knows what he's doing. The questuon and answer thing while spanking is pretty effective! Sara

kiwigirliegirl said...

im glad he stepped up and held you accountable...i like the talking thing throughtout - i think it would be very effective.
Love and hugs kiwi xxx

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