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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic!

My hcg on Tuesday (four days before my period due) was 72. When we went in for the follow up HCG on Thursday (two days before my period) we were told that below 72 Im miscarrying and between 72-143 it would be an unviable pregnancy because it did not double and above 144 viable. All of my pregnancies have started with low hcg and often they halved instead of doubled. 72 this early is high for me (but good) it was 38 same time last pregnancy. Anyway Thursday my hcg was 267. It almost tripped!!! My fertility specialist was very happy with it. I am on progesterone now and we go back Monday. Before I am five weeks pregnant Ill have five blood test and if Monday is good (1068 or higher would be perfect) we will have our first ultrasound as well. Prayers and positive thoughts are much appreciated!

Weve always waited a year between miscarriages. This time however, we were told that you are more fertile after a miscarriage and that after a D&C your uterus walls are thinner, which makes implantation easier. So, we took the advice and got pregnant again. Its hard, I am not sure I was quite healed from our last loss. 

To the comment about asking my doctor about spanking: I wouldnt even begin to know how to ask that! He'd doesnt know we practice DD.

Also, yesterday I picked Mattehw up from the airport. It was great having my Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran home for Veterans day from yet another mission! 

Every veterans day I think about my time in the Army and my wonderful battle buddies, the friends I lost to the wars, and the closeness you get with your military family. 

I am so thankful to the men and women who have sacrificed everything, who wrote a blank check to the American people ready and willing to lay down up to their very lives for all Americans to be free and safe. To all the US and Allied forces, and their families, who sacrifice so much, Thank You. Gone. But NEVER Forgotten.

RIP Evan, Jessica, Shane, Matt, James and the many others who have gone before and will come after you. 


His First Mate said...

Thanks for the update!!!i am so happy for you! My daughter is a similar story with the miscarriage right before and the HGC levels! Maybe I'll tell it to you sometime!!! So happy for you and will continue to pray!!

Christina said...

I will pray for you that the pregnancy is viable and grows!!

William said...

Good luck with your pregnancy. I send all my best wishes.
Thank you and your husband as well for your service to this great country of ours.


Dee said...

Sending positive thoughts your way Jess :)

Dee x

Kady said...

WOOO HOOOO for YOU TWO (three)!!!!! I am still praying for you!

Hugs! Kady

Anonymous said...

Lifting prayers!!!

Audra said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for more positive results!!!

I'm so thankful to your hubby and all the men and women working hard to protect us!!! I'm glad you got to have your man by your side this year! :-)

Pooky said...

Can't stick around but wanted to say that I'm praying...

kiwigirliegirl said...

hey chick, im so happy for you its looking so positive - please keep us updated. you are both in my prayers. Im so praying and hoping for you :)
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Susie said...

This is good news! I'm praying for you.

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