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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Several of you have read my Josh & Becky series.
And many have read my Trainer series. Both are extremely popular on Fet and on Spankingclassics.com

I would like to start writing spanking fiction again. But, Matthew says I should write them as books and sell them online.

Any idea what website would be the best to use for this? How to do this? Is it a good idea? Do you think my spanking fiction would sell?

Thanks for the advice!


Christina said...


I've sold a few stories on that site several years ago and know someone that sells stories regularly. It's easy to set up an account.

Let us know if you go ahead and give it a try so we can check it out!

Pooky said...

I agree with Christina- about Lulu, but I also purchase from blushing books.

I have thought about writing some as well..

Well, I have already started, thought maybe it would support the purchases I make lol.

But, let me know how it goes.

Lil one said...

If you find anything, please let me know too. I may finish the book i started one of these days and it has some lifestyle to it in a way. Lol.
I have to admit i havent read any of your stories yet, but im going to take a peek at them. If you ever have time, would you mind reading mine and letting me know what you think? Criticism from a fellow writer?
Good luck on the writing process! That would be an awesome adventure.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a blogger; but, I have really enjoyed the Josh and Becky series. I think you could sell your books.
BTW, are you going to continue with the Josh and Becky series?
Best wishes and good luck. It sounds like an exciting venture.


CedenoGems said...

I've done Lulu and Blushing Books and Bethany's Woodshed for purchasing. I totally think you should go for it!


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