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Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy Hell!

Haha! The title is my new catch phrase. I say it all the time. Its a fun phrase, not sure where I got it from.

I have had a really tough last couple days. I had coffee with my ex best friend trying to decide what to do about her. We stopped being friends because of how much she changed and how she was treating me, the relationship became toxic. I was only there for her convienience. It was super hard to stick up for myself and to end the friendship but on the flip side Im her two year olds godmother. She wont let me see him unless we reconcile. Its such a hard place to be in.

Then, in addition, I have a women in crime class I am taking. The class talks about specific crimes women commit (child murder, theft, prostitution) and those that women are often the victims of (rape, child abuse, child murder, domestic violence) things that are not easy to talk about. A bigger issue with the class is my proffesor. He is very very feminist to the point where I feel like he would be one to think dd is domestic violence and we are all brainwashed. I don't talk about it, at all, but some of his feminist views, his overwhelming feminist views (he believes women should have more civil rights and constitutional protections then men) gets a bit hard to stomach. He thinks that women should get more rights then men do when it comes to children, that they should be more protected and they should be the only voice that matters. It doesn't sit well with me.

Note: I dont agree with the entire caption. I do believe in traditional gender roles for our marriage and that women should embrace their sexual differences from men, not exploit them. Women should vote, and be able to hold jobs. But I think the point of feminism was for women to have equal not MORE rights then men.

So my emotions have been all over the place.

Today I had a midterm in my hardest class. It is ridiculously hard. I was so worried about it even though I studied, having coffee with my ex best friend today was not a good idea, it was definitely a distraction. Well I learned from the last test DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS! So, I took the test. I normally take about twenty minutes for it, I took over an hour. I took apart each question, rewrote it in words I use instead of the HUGE words the prof used and tried hard. When I left the classroom I sat on the floor in the hallway and cried for a few minutes. I was overwhelmed and my brain was so tired. I was convinced I passed but I thought I barely did. I was expecting a C or a D.

I logged in and checked my grade a bit ago and I got an A!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I had to keep looking! I currently have a 98% in my hardest class. I scored a perfect score on the presentation, a high A on the paper and a low A on the test. One more test in there. I think its because I recognized it as my hardest that I started studying more for it and took my other classes for granted. I need to find a healthy balance. Id like to see a good GPA my first semester back in school after eight years.

Last night I had a conversation with Matthew on the computer. At one point he couldnt hear me, his internet in the room went bad. He SAID he couldnt hear me but he had this devilish look on his face. So I said DUDE!! DUDE!! DUDE!! (lack of total sense) but he didnt hear it! I was laughing so hard. I thought he was pretending to not hear me, so I said, "I'm the boss!" like five times, nothing! Thank goodness he really couldnt hear me. Yeah, what got into me? LOL! I had a blast teasing him.

Well, that is all I have for now! Hope everyone has a great Friday night.


Dee said...

Well done on getting an A :) That will help relieve some stress now :)
Glad you feel/sound better now.

Dee x

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