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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ice, Ice, ICE!

I didn't get much sleep last night. The wind was ridiculous! I woke up to a fresh coat of snow, but worst, ICE! Here is a picture I took of our road. It is 1 inch think and its not melting. Its crazy to walk on Im a bit worried about driving on it to class in a bit.

I am sort of glad Matthew isnt here today. I woke up in a bad mood with a bad attitude. I'm sure that wouldnt be so good for me. Although, maybe it is a spanking I am needing to get me out of this rut? I dont know. I am working on it though.

Thank you to everyone who read my blog yesterday and who commented and sent me kind emails. I am really having a hard time right now with some things. I have a vanilla blog I write and it is so frustrating to me. With all my friends on my facebook and in my life, I have almost no readers and very very rarely do I get comments. Yet, this blog, full of "strangers" is full of care, concern, and interest. Strange how that happens.

I do keep a lot of people at arms length and stick to surface friendships in my life. I've been hurt so much and with all the moving we do its easier that way sometimes. Its weird, but the internet is really my main stability. I have friends in DD groups that I've known for years!

I joined the online dd community back in 1999. At that time it was on yahoo and chat groups such as the "dungeon" which had a side room for dd. The yahoo forums became overran with bots at one point and we moved over to  windows, msn and hotmail. Through the years there have been many forums that have come and gone in popularity. I remember reading and interacting with the Bethany's Woodshed group, Taken in Hand and many others. I've been a member of Loving Domestic Discipline for years. Right now I am more a lurker then anything but I am still there. I was part of Spanking Classics back when we had a series running about a boarding school. The online DD community has been apart of my life longer than anything else. I am truly grateful for that.

There aren't a lot of people who stay around for a long time in the DD blogsmosphere. They come and go, leave and join, but I enjoy meeting new friends and getting to know them. I am so happy to have met some of the newer bloggers recently. I hope you all stay around for awhile!

I am not looking forward to going to class from 1pm- 10pm today. It is only two classes and they are in the same room! Eeek! But I have to go, I will have a 100% for attendance if nothing else. So I'm off. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Look at that ice! Be careful out there! Friendships take effort to make and maintain, it's not always easy. And moving around a lot doesn't help, that's for sure. There were several years when I had more friends online than offline too. I'm happy to say that isn't the case now, but that I remember how it feels. I was so thankful for the internet...still am! ;)

Susie said...

Susie's M here...

We woke up to 25" of snow on Sunday morning. Most of the people I work with are still without power, many of them won't get it turned on again until this coming Sunday. Susie and I have found the same phenomenon here in the DD blogosphere... it's amazing to find such a level of friendship and concern. I hope your class goes well and travel to and fro is uneventful!

Christina said...

Yikes, snow already! Be careful driving and walking in it!

I have some amazing friends that I've met online and then in real life and b/c they know how I live, I can be more open with them than the non-DD friends sometimes.

Hope you're feeling better about things - we all have funks but you are a wonderful person and deserve to be happiness!

Dee said...

Different friends slot into different places in your life because they each bring different things to you within the friendship and I find myself adapting slightly to fit each circle (I'm not nearly as polite at times as I am in blogland lol :) but quality over quantity any day :)
As for snow :( Won't be long before it hits here and I'll be tempted to buy multiple loafs of bread and have the urge to make a pot of soup :)

Dee x

CedenoGems said...

WOW! I didn't know you'd been into this world that long. How very exciting.

I can see it being easier in some cases to have the online friends you don't really know be there more than your IRL friends. It's just easier sometimes and more interesting to tell anything and everything. No real danger. You don't know the people. But IRL firends you have to be careful about. They know you and can shun you. It's just different. You can't really tell all.

Glad you are better today. Sorry about your ice.
Hang in there doll.

Hugs, Kelly

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