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Thursday, November 17, 2011

*PHEW* What a scare

Note: I do not use the military health care system. I chose to pay a copay instead. Military healthcare almost killed me, literally, when they sent me home after my appendix had ruptured on a Friday night to see my primary care physician on Monday. Three hours after I was unconscience in my house. Had a friend not stopped by I would have died- my appendix had then burst. In addition we have at least TWENTY friends who have had similar things happen. I cant tell you the number of women we have met whose birth records for their babies have had wrong info (wrong dates, wrong weights, wrong GENDERS, etc) because of military hospitals. There are some good doctors out there and some good clinics HOWEVER, because military dependents and military cannot legally sue the military hospitals there isnt the checks and balances that there are in a civilian world. When I talk about my medical care it not military.

My hcg levels have been doubling, sometimes tripling, wonderfully. Two days ago while shopping there was a very obnoxious child who was slamming his cart into random people's carts. He slammed his into mine, pushing mine into my stomach. (This is before I watched what he was doing and saw him do it to at LEAST three other women.)

I know I have tons of cushion surrounding bean and that I shouldn't have worried. But, being the highest risk level for pregnancy and having had as many losses as we have, I did. Yesterday morning I had a follow up hcg and while there asked my doctor (I have a team of fertility doctors. A fertility specialist and an OB just for starters. The blood draws are at the fertility specialist officer, done by a nurse, and processed there in the same office. No lab. I get the response in two hours. He only takes 12 cases at a time, he doesnt take referrals from anyone but his specific team of doctors, to use him you have to meet this LONG list of requirements so his phone never rings more than once, the entire staff knows you and your case intimately.)

Anyway, he came out of his office while I was getting my blood drawn and asked how I was doing. I told him about the cart. He said, lets do a pelvic just for peace of mind. We do. He can easily feel my left ovary and it is pretty swollen so he decides to do an ultrasound. Remembering I am only five weeks (barely at the time) pregnant he tells me not to expect to see much of the pregnancy.

What we do see is a lot of fluid. He worried that the pregnancy was ectopic, or that a cyst ruptured, or that something had happened to my ovary/tube. He was pretty sure it was a cyst but with my history didn't want to miss anything. So, he sends me to our hospital E.R. for a second opinion "just to be on the safe side" and because two of the members of our team are working on call there for that time period.I get to the E.R. there is a wait but not for me, a doctor is waiting at the desk for me and escorts me straight to a bed!

From there I had vitals, blood work, and an IV started. Two bags later (the external ultrasound needs a full bladder) I am being wheeled down to the state of the art ultrasound center they have.

Not only were we able to see a gestational sac but also the fetal pole! She zoomed in and we were able to clearly see the rounded part, the skinny worm part, and the tail end. It was pretty exciting to be able to see that much that soon in the pregnancy. No heart rate yet but it is too early for that.

We were also able to see that the ovary that released the egg that is now bean left a huge cyst that ruptured inside. My doctor said I have the biggest pain tolerance he's ever seen in a woman! Natural birth should be no problem lol. It wasn't even bugging me, just a bit tender.

(No the cart did not cause it to burst. The cart caused the initial exam which led to finding the cyst.)

The other good news is that my HCG level went way up to over 4400!! It is advancing just the way it should.

My specialist is amazing. He showed up to the E.R. fifteen minutes after I did and stayed the entire time, was there for the ultrasounds, consulted with the teams of doctors and didnt leave until they came in and discharged me. Well, actually, he discharged me but we had to wait for the nurse with the paperwork. The E.R. doctor said it is rare for doctors to do that.

Matthew was a bit disappointed that I didnt think to ask for the ultrasound picture of bean, I was so worried and anxious at the time I didnt even think about it. We are reallllly hoping this is the one, the baby that sticks. We are hoping when we go in for the follow up tomorrow doc has them. We are having a follow up U/s on Monday as well.


kiwigirliegirl said...

im so excited for you chick - its sounds so positive :) all the very best to you and bean
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that things are going well! I will keep you and Matthew and little bean in my prayers! :)

Dee said...

So happy for you guys :) Lots of finger crossing and positive thoughts your way Jess.

Dee x

Susie said...

Oh my, a scare and then such good news. My fingers are crossed for you...exciting!

Serenity said...

So glad things are progressing as they should. I bet you can get a copy of the picture if you like. It would be in your file.

Rogue said...

Sounds VERY positive! Glad to hear all is well. :)

Kay said...

I am SO praying for you, girl! Hugs! :)

Tracey said...

First of all, I completely agree with you on military health care. They almost killed my son twice in 3 months. Once we finally found a good doctor he deployed to Iraq...go figure.
Second, congratulations!!

Lil one said...

Oh wow hard to imagine going through all that. Im so glad that everything is alright and you and your little bean are still doing okay. :)

I also wanted to take a second to let you know that i nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog.

sarah thorne said...

Congrats to you! I follow along your blog less frequently than some others, but I do pop over and read every now and then and have read of your struggles in this regard.

Here's hoping and praying this time it happens!!

Wishing you the best,


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