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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Survey (Stole from P)

What is your screen name?   Jess or Spanked Army Wife

How long have you been practicing TTWD?  Over a decade

What is your astrological sign?  Sagitarious

In what part of the country do you live?   Colorado

Do you have children?   nope

Do you have grandchildren?   nope

What is your favorite color?   Red, blue, green 

What is your favorite day of the week?  Saturday 

Morning or Evening?   Neither. Im good with both

Favorite TV Show?   Anything law enforcement. Blue Bloods, Third Watch, Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds etc

Favorite pro sport?   All of them! I'm a Chicago fan

Favorite Ice Cream?    I love ice cream. Right now probably pistachio! 

Person from Blogland you'd like to meet?   There are soooo many. Ive been wanting to meet B'Man and Sugar for a long time. C&E. The entire crew from learning dd.
Person from Blogland who makes you laugh?   Most of them do
Person from Blogland you identify with the most?    Stormy
First person who welcomed you to blogging?    Oh goodness its been ten years... 

Title of your first blog entry?  TTWED It was a post I wrote back in June 2003

What are you wearing on your feet right now?   socks

What are you listening to right now?    Criminal Minds
Chocolate or Vanilla?   Always chocolate
Coffe or Tea?   Both! I have coffee every morning. I love hot tea before bed or at Chinese restaurants and love love ice tea and old fashioned sweet tea

Favorite non-alcoholic drink?   Sweet tea

Favorite alcoholic drink?  cranberry vodka 

Favorite vacation spot?  hmmmm this needs further research ;) 

Favorite Holiday?   WINTER!! I love all the holidays in the winter season :) Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, My birthday =)

Favorite season?   Oh I LOVE the seasons. Probably fall. I adore the colors of fall

Place you want to visit?   Ireland and Italy 

If you had to start all over again, would you still choose TTWD?   ABSOLUTELY! 

Best piece of advice you can pass on about TTWD?
TTWD has to be defined individually be each couple. NEVER say NEVER. Evolve with it, grow with it. Make sure you have OPEN COMMUNICATION. Communication in TTWD is absolutely fundamental. Take it slowly- dont jump in feet first with a three dozen rules. Make sure you both have the same expectations and realistic goals. Don't romanticize dd and expect it to be the sudden cure all for all your marital woes. If you spank without talking I firmly believe it wont do any good. You have to both be on the same page, have the same goals, and want what is best for your family and marriage. What works for one couple might not work for another. BLOG! Or get involved in the online dd community. It is so great to find an online mentor, to talk with others that TTWD. Be flexible. 


Pooky said...

I don't want to take credit for this survey- I think it was originally Kay's Sweeties Survey. :)

kiwigirliegirl said...

i like your advice about ttwd :) thank you for sharing this.
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Lil one said...

This is definitely a cool survey. I just want to say that i love watching Criminal Minds. I got Master hooked on it and He now loves watching it too :) Lol *insert playful argument about whether He watched it or not* But awesome that you love those kinds of series.

Xavier said...

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