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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Action packed dreams

I am on complete pelvic rest. This means no sex or anything of the type. Poor husband. He comes home from a year away at war, gets me pregnant, complete pelvic rest. We miscarry, pelvic rest continues. Have sex once during the month of October, get pregnant again and again no sex for him. Our OB joked that we should put a sign on all of his cups, “Caution overly fertile.”

I share this because before this pregnancy I never had sexual dreams. Not ever. For some reason this pregnancy I have been having quite a few. It will make sense after I explain my most recent dream.

The star of my dreams recently has been John Wayne. Right. John Wayne. I am not sure why but he has been my leading man in every dream.  A young John Wayne mind you.

Last dream I was married to him and we were out riding our horses in the woods. We stopped by a stream and was having a picnic. I pushed him into the stream and we were both playing around and laughing. Suddenly, a man raced by on horse followed by ten other men. He was a criminal who just shot the sheriff. Of course my husband, John Wayne, took off after him and told me to stay there.

Of course I didn’t. After the bad guy was handed over we took off back through the woods. Suddenly, he was pulling his horse over. Pulled me right off my horse and went to town on my bum because I had disobeyed him. Went to town is mild. He lifted my skirts, bared my butt and brought his hand down hard, again and again. Turned my bum red, and then purple. I was begging him to stop, promising forgiveness and he just kept lecturing. When I was in a crying mess begging for forgiveness he started kissing me…and well, I woke up and told my husband that John Wayne is getting more action from me then he is.



Anonymous said...

Oh my! That really is quite an action packed dream! Have you always had a thing for John Wayne?

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