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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Checking In

Tomorrow I am hoping to have time to write a dd related post. I havent been writing much because we havent been doing a lot with dd lately, our dynamic is here, but there hasnt been the need for much discipline etc, we've been pretty vanilla lately and I didn't want to bore my readers.

We had our anatomy scan on Valentine's Day. We are having a little boy. He is two days ahead of schedule on development and he is very active in there. I love feeling his little movements. The subchoronic hemorrhage appears to be gone! The bad news was there is a cyst on his brain, which only occurs in 1% of all babies =( All we can do right now is wait and see and pray it goes away (it does in 98% of cases). It has been a really long journey. We've lost six babies, to include his twin, had the hemorrhage and now the cyst. We really just want a healthy baby. Isn't he just something? He keeps putting his foot on his face!

In other news, I made high honor roll for school last semester. I have finals next week and I am hoping to remain on the list. I'm also still working away. Everything comes to a stop in May when I will be on watch for the baby. I wont be taking summer classes or working. The doctor is really adamant about that. When we had our stillbirth at 26 weeks I almost died (I actually did and they brought me back) so we aren't taking the chances. My income goes more to paying off the few debts we have and play money so while it is not essential it may be hard to readjust.