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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Perfectly Healthy & a bit of DD

What a crazy last couple weeks. Obviously the cysts were a big issue on my brain. Today we had out follow up and baby is completely healthy! 15 oz and growing, kicking away and healed from the cysts. I am so excited!! Ive cried several times.

I had finals last week. I am taking condensed classes (entire 16 weeks in 7-8 weeks) and I took five classes during this eight weeks. We met five hours a class every week. So Ive been sitting my happy butt (sans spanking...) in a seat for twenty five hours a week, on top of working and growing a baby. I was pretty worried about  my science class but I managed to pull off a 4.0!!!! Yep :) I did!!

We haven't had a lot of dd action, a couple swats here and there and a major look once but mainly Ive been too busy to be bad! HOH's you should utilize that :) LOL. No really, the worst punishment in the last several weeks was when he took away my watermelon. Now, if you have never been pregnant you probably don't understand the cravings. My only craving has been watermelon. I've been buying the round seedless ones from Costco since the regular are out of season and the precut are so expensive! Anyway, I've been eating about half of one a day! My doctor said that is perfectly ok because its healthy and low calorie.

One night we were playing cards and he was annoying me, so I threw a piece of watermelon at him and he GASP took away my watermelon privileges!! It was super frustrating because not being able to have the watermelon was even worst than the craving. But I regained my watermelon privileges two days later. He is nothing if not resourceful.

There are other forms of punishment when spanking isnt available and being that he leaves for a year at a time we are no strangers to them. Corner time, writing lines, extra chores what not. But, really, like I said Ive been so busy lately that he hasnt had to use any. He has been complimenting me on how much Ive been able to do. Now that Im so far into second trimester (22 weeks) Ive had more energy and been able to cook/clean more. Doing full semesters in half the time which is a lot of work, writing my newspaper articles for my actual paying job, keeping up with the house...well it is exhausting.

And, I am way past the bratting to get attention phase of our dd marriage. I can say, I do miss the reconnection and the accountability spankings we had used prior to this pregnancy. He has given me a handful of swats about five times in the last eight weeks and Im surprised at how much those can hurt. Guess my butt is no longer accustom to it.

Our marriage is good though. We communicate very well, we enjoy spending time together. I'm just glad  we got over the hump we had before.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going so well and that you and baby are healthy. You sure have been juggling a lot. Congrats on the 4.0! :)

Lil one said...

I just wanted to say that i definitely know how you feel as far as the new ways of being punished. Thankfully as of yet i havent had to be punished, but i would be devastated if Master took away my craving for Checkers/Rally's. Ive just started craving it after reaching my second trimester. :) Congrats on the baby. He looks adorable in the ultrasound picture

Kay said...

Jessica, I am SO, SO happy for you, girl! Btw, my craving was anything with cherries, lol. Good job in school! Keep it up, and take care of that little one! Hugs! :)

Susie said...

I'm just plain thrilled for you! Thanks for the update. We laughed out loud at your losing watermelon privileges. That's a new one.

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