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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Has Been CRAZY

Our little man with a smile on his face.

Hi everyone!
Matthew reminded me that I hadn't blogged in awhile and I realized I hadn't either. He's been pretty funny lately awaiting our little guy. He jokes about putting together a checklist of reasons to spank me- just because. Sometimes he walks by and swats my butt with a chuckle. We are 26 weeks pregnant now with our little man. He is frank breech and we've been begging him to turn. We get regular ultrasounds and Ive had preterm labor now three times :/ Lots of time in the hospital. Im finishing up this semester at the end of the month and then taking a couple off while we finish preparing for him.

Toes in front of his face.

Frank breech means that he is holding his legs up above his head and his butt is down. He has been this way our entire pregnancy as far as we know. Because of my medication a regular c-section is out of the question. So I either have to do a vaginal birth(which I want) and I can't have an epidural either due to the meds or I have to be fully put under and Matthew wouldnt be allowed in the room when he's born. We will do whatever is healthiest for him but Id prefer to have as natural of a birth as possible. The other issue is that because of how he is they cant exactly turn him manually and we arent too keen on that idea. Im just happy everything else looks so good right now! The cyst in his brain has gone away completely. After as many devastating losses as we have had...

Ive been so stressed the last couple of weeks. Last week was the 9th anniversary of my moms death, midterms and Matthew left for the field. He wont be back for a couple weeks. Our furthest pregnancy resulted in the stillbirth of our little boy at 26 weeks and Im 26 weeks now. I went to bed one night and woke up in the hospital. I had hemorrhaged, lost a ton of blood and our son was born asleep. Needless to say right now Im a bit paranoid. Im hopefully, believing in the power of prayer, and overly reliant on the heart doppler Matthew bought me.

I'm so stressed out that I got a B on one of my midterms :( I never get B's. My professor assured me that I could still get an A in his class but it really bothered me. Im trying to destress and would love any suggestions anyone might have in that area. Man Id love a good old fashioned spanking right now because in the past when Ive gotten extremely stressed Ive just had to ask and it released so much in me.

Being as high risk as we are Matthew is scared to spank me and well it would freak me out too. He swats now and again gently but hes really been working on his lecture skills :/ Although Ive been so good (or so busy?!) that he hasnt had to really correct me at all.


Susie said...

He's getting big!

Try not to worry about school too much Jess. Unless you are moving towards starting another advanced degree after this one, the difference between an A and a B is not the end of the world. It's what you learn and get out of the class that is important.

We'll be praying for you during this stressful time.

Stormy said...

So much to deal with right now! I'm excited for your great expectations, and he seems to already have a mind of his own. :)

Hope you find some peace and just enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

hey how are things going? I think about you all the time and prayed for that little one. Having had a difficult time myself and burried a couple babies, your situation is close to my heart. hoping everything is going well

rebekah said...

How are things going? I've thought about you a lot. I know it seems crazy because I've never commented in the past, but I have kept up with your blog probably since the beginning. Every time you would post I would hold my breath as I opened the post hoping everything was ok. Drop us a quick update and let us know how things go.

Take care and I hope all is well,

Drew Law said...


I have just started to follow your blog and must say that I enjoy your writing style. It is passionate, playful and endearing all in one.

I chose to post here not because of it being the newest but because I actually have something to add. My wife was born vaginally frank breach. AND as a word of warning I hope you are not shy because my wife was born to an audience as it is extremely rare for a frank breach to be natural birthed.

My MIL was an ob/gyn nurse and managed to pick the shift change as a time to come into the hospital in labor. Therefore everyone that could be there was in the room watching my wife make her appearance butt first. But she turned out alright and I cannot imagine that you will have any issues and will hopefully soon have a bright shiny new baby.



OneLove said...

Any updates? I've been thinking about you and your little man and hope all is well!

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