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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Checking in ;)

I really need to get back into the hang of blogging. Thought I would check in with everyone and say “hello”. Life has been a bit crazy here. This is the season (and wedding season in the summer) that photographers are the busiest. To top that off having a one year old and a husband in the military can make for hectic chaos. I know the holidays really stress me out and I can be a bit cranky and anxious. Another good reason to have dd right now.

Well my husband has come home and been home for over a week now. In that time I have been spanked twice. He has been very thorough and consistent. After our son goes to bed at night he will spank me in the basement where he can’t hear us. I’m actually relieved to be back in this dynamic. I feel it has opened our communication up again and it has given him the freedom to tell me he isn’t happy with my behavior without me biting his head off. I think deep down I really wanted it back but at the same time was afraid to reinstate it, especially with a child in the house.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.


Irish Imp said...

So glad to hear things are getting back to "normal" for you & the hubby now that you've reintroduced DD to your marriage. Having that break can definitely make it a challenge to accept again but I think it is certainly worth it. And the decreased stress, arguments and unease will certainly be good for your baby......he will grow up seeing the open communication and depth of love that DD brings about in most relationships. So happy for you both. Happy Holidays!

Nima Nur said...

How can I get him to spank me

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