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Friday, November 22, 2013

Here goes nothing...

Well. I did it. I agree or consented to bring back dd into our marriage and my husband returns very soon. He is quite happy and sounded relieved to hear that. As part of reincorporating it into our marriage I asked for help with some things that I need addressed. It was SUPER hard to do it but I did. This is what I asked him to help me with:
 Ive really sucked lately taking my depression medication. Its been like a week... and I get super anxious and grumpy without it. ( I was diagnosed with PPD after my son was born. The medication is a small dose but it enough for it to make a difference in my day to day activities)

Sleep- I've been giving our son a bath around 715 and putting him to bed by 8. He wakes several times. If I can get to bed by 11 that would be awesome. Except, I havent been getting to bed until after 2. I need time to edit and work on business stuff but not getting sleep is killing me energy wise

Health- I REALLY need to lose weight. I spoke with our OB and she said she isnt comfortable with us trying to get pregnant and maintaining one this heavy.I need to drop at least 25lbs. So I need motivation to eat better and exercise. Soda limited to three a week and things like that.

I haven't gotten a response yet but I think these are all important aspects that I need to be accountable about.

Also, we have had many discussions about communication and respect. We want to get our marriage back to where it was and not have as much tension in it.

I joked around with him and told him no spankings for a week or I wont pick him up from the airport.

He said that was a no go. ;)

I am super anxious and nervous about the first one. It has been years. 


Susie said...

Welcome back Jess. I'm sure it will all be okay. Good for you!

Sugaranne said...

Relax. The accountability for your self improvement and the improvement of your marriage is going to be helpful. It won't be long before everything begins to smooth out and the road won't be so bumpy. Your husband seems like a wise man.

1950's Princess said...

Hi, my partner left the army last year and we had DD on and off. We are now getting back into it again, i too have a blog it is www.1950princess.blogspot.co.uk xxx

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