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Friday, April 25, 2014


Well I disappeared again. I know, I am great at that. We worked everything out, reincorporated dd into our marriage and then got a huge surprise.


Baby number two is growing in my belly. What a surprise for both of us. We hadn't planned this (and were taking measures against getting pregnant) but are overjoyed none the less.

Please keep us in our your prayers and thoughts.

I've been writing up a storm and trying to decide if I have the right amount of self confidence to try to publish dd novels.


His First Mate said...

Do it!!! I love your "Josh and Becky" stories, and if you have others, I would love to see them! You definitely have what it takes! It's scary, i know, I've just published my first book through Blushing Books, and it comes out next Wednesday! Blushing is great to work for, and your clean DD novellas are just what they are looking for!

Clint said...

Congratulations Jessica! We're so happy for you and your family. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)

-- Clint (& Chelsea)

Rich Person said...

Yep, that would be a shock. But a happy one. You get my warmest wishes.

If you want to write, maybe you could fill us in on how you managed to get back to the DD. I'm sure there are juicy details!

Good luck on all fronts.

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