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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ask and you shall recieve

Woke up this morning in a mood. I'm exhausted- physically and emotionally. The distance starts to play mind games and insecurity crouches in. Needs get abandoned as the waiting game is played out. So, I fantasized. Here is my fantasy:
I knew I was in a mood from the second I woke up. I hadn’t slept well and felt a sinus infection coming on. I rolled over and noticed he had woken before me. Grumbling I headed into the kitchen where I went through the motions of making a cup of coffee. I was sure he had already had at least two. He was chipper and I wanted to throw something at his head. I ignored his greeting and went into the bathroom to shower. Perhaps, the warm water would make me feel better.
It didn’t. When I got out of the shower, I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed putting his shoes on. I still hadn’t said a word to him. He raised an eyebrow at me and I knew it was a silent warning. I huffed and puffed around the room grabbing my clothes. I heard him get up behind me. The click of the door being locked had me turn towards him.
“Ok. Spill.” He commanded
“What?” I nearly growled. “I haven’t down anything wrong.” His eyebrows rose again.
“Want to try that again?”
I stood there for a second and thought about things. We had been in this relationship way too long for me to purposely act out for discipline. It wasn’t who I was; it wasn’t who we as a couple were. Most of the discipline came from me simply not thinking before acting and getting myself into situations that I shouldn’t be in. Blatant disrespect wasn’t something I did. I thought about the past few days and the stress that had built up. I knew what I needed.
I looked at the floor, because even after all these years, asking for what I needed was still a bit embarrassing and humiliating. “I need a spanking.” I muttered.
“Baby, look at me.” He commanded, his words were soft and encouraging. He knew what it took for me to ask and he knew if I was asking it was something I needed. He also knew, because he knew me, which it would have to be hard enough to get me to a release point. I needed to cry. I needed to let go. I needed to feel dominated. “Look at me.” I still hadn’t looked up. I felt humiliated. Why did I need to look at him?
He put his hand under my chin and guided my face up to meet his. “Thank you for…” I interrupted him before he got any further.
“You know what, never mind!” I shouted. I shouldn’t have asked. What had gotten into me? I didn’t want a spanking! I must be nuts! Deep down, as much as I didn’t want the pain associated with the spanking, I knew I NEEDED one. I turned and started heading to the door.
“You will stop right there.” My heart rushed to my stomach at his tone. It was his dom tone. He took my arm and turned me towards him. “I was about to say thank you for letting me know what you needed and let you know how proud I was of you for being able to ask.” He lectured. “Even if you had changed your mind, which I still would have spanked you regardless, the attitude and disrespect has earned you a nice little trip over my knee anyway.”
He guided me to the bed where he sat. He removed my towel and guided my over his knee. He knew me. It was evident in how he locked his leg over both of mine and pinned my hand to the small of my back. He held nothing back as his hand met my bare ass. It fell over and over and I felt the warmth start to spread. He was silent, as he knew this kind of spanking didn’t need words. I gasped when his hand met my sit spot but remained otherwise quite. He spanked and spanked until my legs started to kick and I finally cried out in pain.
He paused then, for a brief second. He knew I hadn’t gotten to the point of release yet. He could feel the stiffness in my body and heard it in my tone. He opened the top drawer of the night stand and pulled out the wooden hairbrush. Wood was used only for discipline, to get a point across. I hate wooden implements and everything to do with them. He rested the cool, smooth head of the brush against my warm, pink butt and I cringed.
“Please don’t!” I begged
“I hear you, love. However, part of me being the boss means making sure you are taken care of, including emotionally. It also means that I get to pick what implements I spank you with.” He said nothing else but let the hairbrush do the talking. I cried out from the first swat. The thudding pain hurt and he continued. He raised his arm and it came down over and over. I felt the panic swell in my chest as I realized I was trapped. I couldn’t move or avoid the swats. My brain was reeling and then, as the brush came down on my sit spot and the top of my thighs, I stopped thinking. I just felt. I felt the pain of the brush connecting with my skin. I felt each swat deep inside. I stopped fighting and I let go. Tears rolled down my face.
He felt the change and my body relax. He intensified the strength and the speed of the swats, covering my entire butt and sit spot until I started sobbing. Then he stopped. He put the brush on the bed and rubbed my back and stroked my hair until I stopped crying. Then he gathered me into his strong arms and kissed me.
“Thank you.” I whispered, “For doing exactly what I needed.” For the rest of the day, whenever I sat on my now bruised butt, I smiled thinking about the man who met all of my needs and new me so well. Excited, for I knew he would want to make use of the lasting pain that night in bed.


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